I just can’t even…

I know, this is kind of old news….but it still makes me shake my head…

Oh my God! Don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of normal person! (Lindsay Lohan, 7th Ave & 9th St, New York City)

For someone who usually has a lot to say, I just don’t even know where to begin with this one. Its just so…so..I don’t even know. Like really..don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of a normal person? What the heck is she thinking? Okay, granted, she might be a member of ACTRA/Equity, she may have a CD of her own, and she may have had starring roles in films since she was about 10 (including playing her own identical twin) but that does not make her non-normal. I suppose that if having done something not everyone has done makes you a non-normal person, than I could say that because I have, oh I don’t know, been to..Russell, Manitoba that makes me a non-standard, therefore more important person that everyone else. Nothing against Russell. They have a very nice community center. And a..Saan store. There was also a large pile of snow there when I was there and we climbed it.

But still, I cant even begin to figure out what made Lindsay Lohan think that she had the right to claim that she is superior to others just because of a little fame. In context, her own production assistant was telling her that she was needed on set. Wow. An actor being needed on set. Man. That’s unthinkable. Totally unthinkable. As an actor myself, I wish I had my own PA who would tell me when I was needed somewhere. It would make life so much easier.

Magic Boobs? Maybe….

Katy Perry has a body to die for and a few years back she commissioned a plaster cast of her ample assets. But rather than mount her moulded mounds above her mantelpiece, Katy had them auctioned off for a breast cancer charity. Before seemingly shooting cancer-curing lighting out of her jugs in the video for Firework. – Source

Well, that is just…different. Sure, it goes to a charity, and kudos for that. But….what was going on in Firework? That’s a little…bizarre.


Cold Weather

Well, it is January in Saskatchewan and that means one thing (well, more than one, but I am focusing on only one right now)….cold weather.

This morming, we woke up to a wonderful temperate with a windchill of -48 C (-54 F). That wasn’t fun. We have had an extreme cold warning since last night (those are getting popular lately) and a lot of school bus service was cancelled for today (first time this has happened since around 2006) which means you know it is cold. Of course, we don’t cancel school up here – but if you can’t get there, well I guess it is a snow day for you.

The news paper here even decided to have a story all about the extreme cold warning we are experiencing:

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for Regina.

An arctic high-pressure ridge brought temperatures down to near -30 C overnight, which combined with winds to produce wind chills of -40 C or colder.

Regina’s temperature is currently at -45 C this morning with the windchill. These conditions are expected to let up over Wednesday morning.

According to Environment Canada, a fast-moving system will bring milder air into the area on Wednesday afternoon and evening, but it will be accompanied by light snow and blowing snow.

More extreme cold is expected on Thursday morning.

In extremely cold conditions there is a heightened risk of hypothermia and frostbite, with infants, seniors, and those with certain medical conditions at greater risk.

The crazy thing about all of this is….this is normal for us. And we all keep asking ourselves why we live in in the winter.

My personal thought is that Turks and Caicos wants to join Canada – I say we let them become a part of the province. That way, a flight is domestic and hey…Caribbean island as part of the province seems like a good deal to me 🙂

This weather works for me…..

I guess what I am trying to say is….


Living With Diabetes – TKO!

No I am not saying that I a boxer or a knockout…although I guess if you want to go with that…all the more power to you?

In reality, this is a story about something that happened to me in grade 3. So a long time ago. A bit of background for those who don’t know…I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 5 (so still in preschool). I had been dealing with it for a while now…but still it was in its infancy (so to speak).

Anyways, this was still in my days of taking multiple injections of NPH daily along with some Humulin R (so prior before Humalog was really even a thing). I was in class as normal and I guess I started to feel kind of odd because I got up to tell the teacher that I was not feeling right (so I am told…I don’t remember a thing about this day other than what others have told me). However, when I got close to the teachers desk…down I went like a sack of potatoes (that’s an odd expression…) and it seems on the way down, I hit my head on another students desk. No blood that I am aware of but I guess it sort of shocked her. I really can’t say I blame her for being shocked though.

So, first thing I remember (sort of) from that day is waking up in the secretaries office (and not knowing why I am there or how I got there – still don’t know how I got there actually). They tell me I should stay seated and my parents are on their way. Okay….

Someone from my class had realized my sugar must have been low and gone into my locker and got some of the apple juice out of my stash. So I sucked that juice down as fast as I could. I remember thinking that I just needed sugar.

When my parents got there, the teacher spoke to them and must have told them what happened because next thing I knew I was getting up and going home for the rest of the day. I guess passing out means an automatic day off school. Who knew?

The next few days people started telling me what had happened (and that is why I know I hit my head on the way down). One of the other students in my class decided that it would be fun to run around the school with my juice when they were trying to bring it to me….so I guess he did so and had a few people in the class chasing him up and down the halls. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I didn’t find it funny at all. It still isn’t funny…but if you can’t laugh at yourself….

I have not passed out again since them (although I have come close a couple times – both with DKA and low glucose). Hopefully I keep that up.

The meet and greet – Blog Edition

I found this while randomly wandering around the internet, and so decided that I would do it as well. Because it is always interesting to see other peoples blogs and learn more about them, right?

This blog is sort of new. I have actually owned www.tylerparker.ca for  a few years, and have blogged in the past, but decided one day that I should actually do something with it and thought that blogging would be a fun way to do that. It really is a random hodgepodge of information and includes blogs, vlogs, pictures, and links to things I find online (and often make fun of).

10 things you don’t know about me

  1. When I was 5, I was in the hospital because I had been diagnosed as a diabetic. While there, one of the other kids thought that it would be fun to try and strangle me with the headphones for their TV. I called for a nurses help, and was told they would get there when they had a chance. I had to keep bugging them for a long time until they finally came and helped me. After that, my dad had to sit in a chair in the room until everyone was asleep to make sure it didn’t happen again.
  2. Another time, I was in a pool at a birthday party and one of the other kids there decided to try and drown me by holding me under the water.
  3. I can pull off a pretty good British accent, a passable Irish accent (somewhat), and can also sound like a valley girl. I have no use for these skills, but I can do it.
  4. Although I technically sing as a tenor, I can thrown my voice and drop it to a bass when needed. Again, I have not been able to find a use for this.
  5. I have been told I look anywhere from 16-30. It all seems to depend on the time of day and the lighting. Of course, the time I was told I looked 30, I was working in healthcare and we were into hour 10 out of 12 and on day 3 or 4, so that could have had something to do with it.
  6. I work for a place that provides AV services to hotels in the city. The best way to describe what we do is hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror….or black magic. Seriously…I once stared at a cable that wasn’t working until it did..no one can explain why…it just…did.
  7. I once had a friend yell at me that I was allergic to sugar. We were at our exhibition (fair) and I was fairly certain that me and her were going to get arrested. We didn’t.
  8. I once saw MC Hammer live. I seriously wish that I could take that back.
  9. I once became a Strafleet Cadet and was asked by a Vulcan if  I was hiding a tribble in my backpack. I wasn’t.
  10. I once sang through the entire musical RENT between classes in school with a friend of mine because we were bored and had four hours between classes.

The thing about these ten facts is, no matter how bizarre they may be, they are all true. Although there more that likely isn’t photographic evidence of much of it (thankfully, I might add), there is probably much more to the story that I put on here.

A final story

When I was in Bible College, we had something called brother and sister dorms. Now, my sister dorm and my dorm got along really well (usually – one time they stole our bear skull). Anyways, we decided that it would be kinda funny to kidnap them all and invite them on a dorm date during open dorms (the guys can either go and visit the girls dorms or vice versa – it changed each month). So, we loaded them all up into cars, took them out into a field, and surrounded them and then shone headlights at them. Which, sounds creepy – but Bible College culture is…different. We then read a declaration that had wording like “Since the beginning of time, there has existed the sacred institution of the dorm date”. So, we invited them on this date. For a couple days, we didn’t hear anything, but eventually, we came out of our dorm and found a rubber chicken head (where they got one..I have no idea) with a small note attached to it that read “We accept. Love, LA”. The dorms name was Lewis Apartments, so that is why it was shortened to LA. Anyways, this was typical of the way that dorm date invitations went. Until we started to attack other dorms, because we had declared ourselves an independent country – but that is a story for another time…if the general lets us tell it.